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Leica M10-P – There is too much “Germany”

First of all, I love Leica cameras and I love the brand. Actually I have one Leica M myself.

The first thing I thought when I have seen the new Leica M10-P was how cool the camera is. The second thing was “Hey, there is a lot of stuff written there for a camera that intends to be discrete”.

22-08-2018 16-28-15

I suppose this is happening mostly because of their new headquarters in Wetzlar. Moving back to Wetzlar is something that means a lot to Leica due to their history with that city. I had also the privilege to visit Leica in Wetlzar a few years back.

Well, that is just my opinion but that camera would look even better with only “Leica” on the top plate and just “Wetzar Germany” on the back.

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Helios 44-2 58mm

Helios 58mm

Leica M 240 with Helios 44-2 58mm.

This lens was on my desk for a long time, most of the time used as paper weight. It doesn’t deserve this fate. 🙂
Today I saw it and tough with myself: “What wonderful portrait lens” Then decided to go out with my daughter and use it again after all this time.
When I bought this lens a few years back, I also had to get a lens adapter (M42 to Leica M mount), after looking the available options (not many) I decided to buy the Novoflex LEM/CO adapter and I am very satisfied with it.

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Leica SL: The new and uncomprehended camera from Leica

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Every time there is a new Leica camera being released it’s the same story, a huge expectation followed by a lot of complains by Leica lovers and haters.  Leica M users, are always looking for a new M rangefinder, demanding a better sensor, EVF, etc. Haters are mostly complaining about the price.

With the release of the wonderful Leica Q, many Leica users were left lusting for a  M mount version of that camera, myself included.
The idea of using my Leica M lenses with that high resolution, big, bright, fast EVF from the Leica Q, without the need of adapters and with a new Leica full frame sensor looks promissing, imagine all of that in a Leica Q sized body.

This time, however, with the release of the Leica SL, I was impressed on how photographers and reviewers that I admire, specially because of their enthusiasm,  were so skeptical and negative about this camera.

Leica isn’t a big company, it hasn’t a huge user base and there’s no doubt, their executives wish to extend the company’s reach to other niches of photography. That’s clear the goal of the Leica SL.

There is a huge market of pro and enthusiasts photographers that work in studios, covering sports, weddings, etc that are stuck to their DSLRs for a long time and bored to death with the lack of innovation of these cameras. For these people, the Leica SL may have an appeal.

I sincerely wish Leica success with this new camera. It is expensive no doubt, but it is a top level product, manufactured with high quality standards, by people with six weeks vacations per year instead of wage slaves under poor work conditions.
This camera is the innovation many photographers were waiting for a long time. Leica M users (myself included) this time have to wait a little more for a new M mount iteration.

Update 11/21/2015:

I’m glad to hear that some renowned reviewers are finally changing their minds. After some rant written in a previous article,  Steve Huff published this week a hands on with the Leica SL where he describes this camera from more positive  point of view.

Sean Reid, which has been testing the Leica SL for some time, even before the official release,  has also a very interesting and fair article with his thoughts about the Leica SL on Luminous Landscape.