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Leica M7 gone. Welcome new M.

Today I have left my trusty Leica M7 on the local photography store here in Kassel.

It was a strange feeling as I left the store with a brand new Leica M typ 240. This M7 was always with me in many places during my travels, in family events, etc. I knew very well every aspect of the camera, how the light meter would behave and the results from pictures in different situations.

Leica M7 with Summilux f/1.4 50mm asph.

It was an uncomfortable situation in the store as the other customers start paying attention on you as they notice you are buying or selling Leica cameras and lenses. After some negotiation with the store owner and with my bank account severely affected I left the sore with a big plastic bag and with a strange feeling. I wasn’t excited with the new camera itself,  the money I spend and the fact that I was leaving the Leica M7 behind was kind of uncomfortable.

Unedited, awfully developed roll of Portra 400.
Leica M7 with Summarit 35mm f/2.5 & Kodak Portra 400 film.

After 2 years shooting only film I was completely overwhelmed by the many settings and menu options available for the new M. I know that the new M when compared with high end DSLRs is a rather simple  camera, but since my last DSLR was gone in 2012 and I didn’t shot digital since then, I got used to the simplicity of film cameras like the M7.

Leica M typ 240 with Summilux f/1.4 50mm asph.

With time I want to learn every detail about this wondefull camera and I’m sure I will be used to it as I was with the M7. I don’t expect to have my photographs with the same style as I have with the M7 and this is a good thing 🙂

Now I will go back to my new tool ( or toy?) and finish the configuration of the basics so I can tomorrow start shooting my new M without any surprises.

Viele Grüße,