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Leica M10-P – A lot of Germany

First of all, I love Leica cameras and I love the brand. Actually I have one Leica M myself.

The first thing I thought when I have seen the new Leica M10-P was how cool the camera is. The second thing was “Hey, there is a lot of stuff written there for a camera that intends to be discrete”.

22-08-2018 16-28-15

I suppose this is happening mostly because of their new headquarters in Wetzlar. Moving back to Wetzlar is something that means a lot to Leica due to their history with that city. I had also the privilege to visit Leica in Wetlzar a few years back.

Well, that is just my opinion but that camera would look even better with only “Leica” on the top plate and just “Wetzar Germany” on the back.

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Helios 44-2 58mm

Helios 58mm

Leica M 240 with Helios 44-2 58mm.

This lens was on my desk for a long time, most of the time used as paper weight. It doesn’t deserve this fate. ­čÖé
Today I saw it and tough with myself: “What wonderful portrait lens” Then decided to go out with my daughter and use it again after all this time.
When I bought this lens a few years back, I also had to get a lens adapter (M42 to Leica M mount), after looking the available options (not many) I decided to buy the Novoflex LEM/CO adapter and I am very satisfied with it.